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Bias List
"[ADMIN POST] Hello everybody, I am the admin of 9zeamuses tumblr. I’ve been seeing Lee Hoo’s tweets for a couple of days and I’m personally worried about him. So, to cheer him up, I think I will send a letter or even a book full of motivation words from all the ZEAs. Please tell me If you want to participate. Thank you.. ^^"

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moments when xiumin can’t hold back his disdain for exo

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Someone had to do this😜

delete this post

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This place is behind the QuikTrip in my town and every time I see it I think of L from Death Note.


look at how fast suga dipped out

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Leave a kpop group in my ask and I’ll tell you:

• The first song I heard + first MV of theirs I saw:
• My first bias and current bias:
• Three of my favorite songs by them:
• A song I wish they’d promoted:
• Something I really love about this group:
• A concept I would like to see from them in the future:

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model Tao ft. 'wtf are we even doing' Chanyeol and Sehun

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Yongguk’s special clapping

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me reading my own posts: um no one cares asshole
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i have 3 moods for biases:

  • the ruler of my heart please step on me 
  • precious child must be protected at all costs 
  • complete trash yet ironically my favorite member
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Me: *gets on bus* omg everyone is watching me and judging me and they're going to laugh when the bus starts and im not sitting down, omg dont put your ticket in the wrong way or everyone will judge you and laugh at you.
Me: *goes to pay for shopping* omg what if I dont have enough money? *counts money out 20 times* what if I look stupid, or say the wrong thing? am I standing in the right spot even? What if someone else wants to get past and im in the way, omg.
Me: *says hey to someone online* omg, they arent replying, holy shit why am I so annoying? what if they tell their friends how annoying and lame I am? Why am I like this, holy shit.
Me: *meets someone new* What if they dont like me and dont want me to be around, I shouldnt have met them, im going to be a burden, they're probably critisizing me right now, why am I the way I am?
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Taeyeon gets to go to Baekhyun’s grandmother’s house



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